Headed South: Island of Capri, Amalfi...

Amalfi bathed in morning light.

I’ve seen countless photos taken from vistas looking down upon the terraced rooftops of brightly colored  homes, marching down the steep slopes of mountains and right up to the edge of the sea. This view has always seemed unattainable, and in a way I dismissed these images as something I would never see. Yesterday Joyce […]

guarda – è amalfi!

the amalfi coast

october 23, 2015 for as long as i can remember, i have had the pipe dream of “backpacking through europe”. maybe for others (with the privilege of travel), this is not a particularly impossible feat. for me however, with the protective mother that i have (God bless her), this is akin to windsurfing with a […]

Headed South: Sabaudia


Two firsts so far today: dipping my toes into the Mediterranean Sea and laying eyes on Mt. Vesuvius. We are winding our way down the coast of Italy on a five day trip that will take us to Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi, and Paestum, and our first stop was a small town called Sabaudia.  We left […]

the witching hour in rome

the witching hour in rome

it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, looking out our apartment window at the uniform shutters of the neighboring apartment building, my new favorite architectural element, bathed in streetlamp light that has an ancient glow to it – i can’t tell if i’m imagining the antiquity or i’ve been primed because it’s rome, casting a shadow […]

First Day in Rome

The neat grid of streets that characterizes many american cities makes it difficult to lose yourself, and one of my favorite reasons to travel is to do exactly that. With that in mind I left my hostel this morning with a map, compass, wallet, phrasebook, and water and left behind any notion of an agenda. […]



When time is not an issue, I typically book the cheapest ticket from A > B. I actually quite like being in transit, as it feels like a private time when nobody can expect to reach you and the world expects nothing of you. Anything that you accomplish is a bonus. That being said, this […]

shanghai – summer twentyfifteen

shanghai – summer twentyfifteen

weston’s voracious blogging about shanghai has put my wordlessness to shame.  as someone who isn’t typically short on opinions, thoughts, or anything related to words, my relative silence has been giving me pause.  it was incredibly fun to see this city (my city) through his fresh eyes full of awe and excitement – in fact, i got the […]

Last Day in Shanghai

Joyce and her parents in a hammock we installed for them in their beautiful backyard.

I’ve just traversed the vast majority of Shanghai’s International Airport by foot in an effort to find WiFi. While it may seem ridiculous to wander both floors of both terminals just to get wired, I am at the start of a 10 hour stay here at PVG. Joyce has informed me numerous times this week […]

Night (and day) out in Shanghai

Joyce and Weston at Yuan Gardens in Shanghai

Have you ever been trapped in a room and unable to get out until you solved a Rubik’s Cube? Well, that is how the night ended, but in order to solidify my memory of rest of the day, I need to trace back to the beginning. The day began with a subway ride spent listening […]

Biking Around Shanghai

A sloppy watercolor of Pudong, Shanghai. What an incredible skyline!

Last week I locked my trusty bicycle in a storage unit already looking forward to when I would ride it next. I didn’t imagine that just a week later Joyce and I would be touring  the streets of downtown Shanghai by bike. Early Tuesday morning Joyce and I took the subway downtown and met her […]